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April 12, 2012

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2012-03-27: BBC to cut 140 news staff next year as part of its DQF (Delivering Quality First) cost savings programme.
2012-03-27: Sirius XM files suit against SoundExchange, which collects statutory performance royalties, claiming that it has violated anti-trusts laws and calling for damages and dissolution of SoundExchange or appointment of independent monitor to ensure compliance with law.
2012-03-27: Australian regulator says it intends to impose new licence conditions on Southern Cross Austereo's 2-DAY FM following broadcast in which breakfast host Kyle Sandilands called a woman journalist a "fat bitter thing", a "fat slag" and a "little troll.".
2012-03-26: Arbitron settles lawsuits in California that alleged its methods used in introducing Portable People Meter ratings discriminated against African-American and Hispanic stations..
2012-03-26: Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave Pearce to host dance music show on BBC Radio 2.
2012-03-26: Production starts on seven projects, including three radio series, being assisted with funding from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision II scheme.
RNW Note Mar 26: Although now back in action it will take us a while to go through the backlog of reports for the past week. We will file these as we can whilst trying to keep abreast of newer reports.
2012-03-22: Industry body Commercial Radio Australia welcomes changes to Australia's Broadcasting Services Act that ease requirements on regional commercial radio broadcasting licensees when there is a change of control.
2012-03-21: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland posts its Broadcasting Services Strategy and opens consultation on its commercial radio licensing plan.
2012-03-20: UTV 2011 revenues up 2% on 2010 and operating profit up 3% but overall loss triples because of impairment charges on Republic of Ireland radio assets.
2012-03-20: UK media regulator Ofcom in its latest Broadcast Bulletin upholds no radio complaints although it lists details of two radio Fairness and Privacy complaints not upheld.
2012-03-19: BBC Director General Mark Thompson announces that he is to step down from his post in the autumn (fall).
2012-03-19: Barry Mayo resigns as Radio One Inc.'s President of Radio.
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2012-03-19: US Federal Communications posts its latest Low Power FM proposals including order that includes elimination of third-adjacent channel spacing requirements and revisions of cross-ownership rules to allow cross-ownership of an LPFM station and FM translator stations.
2012-03-18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
RNW Note: We will be filing reports for the weekend but have opted to give later reports more priority.
2012-03-16: BCE Inc (Bell Canada) agrees CAD 3.38 billion takeover of Astral Media.
2012-03-15: Radio One Inc. radio revenues fall by 9.4% in final quarter.
2012-03-14: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that discussion suggesting relationship terms such as "I just want sex" and references to status as "just a blowjob" or "just fellatio" did not breach Canadian codes.
2012-03-14: Emmis calls special meeting to vote on plans to strip Preference Shareholders of millions in unpaid dividends and authorize reverse stock split to keep NASDAQ listing.
2012-03-14: Saga Communications final quarter revenues down 3.6% on year earlier but full 2011 revenues essentially flat compared to 2010.
2012-03-13: Arbitron in preliminary release of RADAR 112 national radio listening report says the medium's audience held steady compared to a year ago with a weekly audience of 241.2 million listeners - actually down from 241.6 million with US population increase estimated at around 2.2 million over the year.
2012-03-12: Cumulus revenues in final quarter down 5.6% - down 4% excluding impact of acquisition of Citadel and the three-quarters of Cumulus Media Partners it did not own.
2012-03-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-03-09: US Federal Communications Commission proposes penalties totalling USD 25,000 on South Carolina AM.
2012-03-08: US Federal Communications Commission imposes or proposes penalties totalling just under USD 50,000 for operation of unlicensed transmitters and other rule breaches.
2012-03-08: Rush Limbaugh denies loss of advertisers and accuses Washington Post blogger of posting "Out-and-Out Lie."
2012-03-08: Journal Broadcast to pay USD 11.8 million for two Tulsa stations it is buying from Renda Broadcasting Corporation.
2012-03-07: Entravision final quarter 2011 revenues down 1% on a year earlier (radio was down 6%) with full year revenues down 3% but 2010 impairment charges mean net loss is reduced for both periods.
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