Prime Radio Stations
Streams are
Real Audio in
all cases: Some have Windows
as well.

ABC, Australia
Streams list:
Radio Australia
News stream

ABC, Anerica
(Links to audio)

World Service:
(Links to audio services)
UK -Radio 1:
UK -Radio 2 :
UK Radio 3:
UK--Radio 4:
UK Radio Five Live:

BBC Where I L
ive (for local stations):
Radio 1 stream:
Radio 2 Stream:
Radio 3 stream:
Radio 4 stream (FM)
Radio 4 stream (AM):
Radio 5 stream:

Links to audio streams:

Hourly newscast:

US National Public Radio

Voice of America
Audio News reports:

WORLD RADIO NETWORK (on-demand audio reports from various broadcasters from round the world)

ZDTV Radio
Technical news -home page

Music Streams
RTE Lyric FM (Ireland):

STATIONS below are ones we have listened to or were recommended by you. Links are as up to date as possible - please E-mail us if you find them out of date.

In addition there are various sites around which carry links to Internet audio: One of the best we have found is from which there are links to stations from round the world, listed according to country.

BBC Stations
The BBC site is probably the most comprehensive in the world overall. Its radio sections in our view could do with more on-demand material but it does have both
live stations and, in the World Service section, a reasonable selection of on-demand archives. We have listed the main site and some of the best individual links.

Main site:
Other Stations with audio on demand.:
The stations listed below are all English language but our Other links page includes links to worldwide guides for stations in all languages.
The listeners area of this site features on-demand links to on demand programmes from a range of origins .

For live programming from commercial stations try Mikes Radio World ( )

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation main site is :This carries links to its audio services. Among them we suggest:
Radio National
- As its name suggests, the national service. This includes links to political and science programming, much of which is available on demand.
ABC Local Radio - ABC local stations
ABC News Radio:
Classic FM - The ABC classical music service.
ABC Triple-J - The ABC pop music channel.
ABC Rural Programmes ( again to Real audio):
This goes to sites which include on-demand audio of some fascinating oddball items about Australian rural life.
Radio Australia - Its Asia Pacific service.
Dig -An Internet only-service of music and Jazz channels

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Live Stations

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The Radio 1 ; Radio 2; Radio 3; and Radio Canada International- RCI pages all link to audio
There is also an hourly newscast -
There are also links from an audio index page to regional outputs including those in native languages such as
Radio One Inuvik and Radio One Iqaluit when on air for those who may interested in some new sounds

NZBC International has a limited Internet output (none at weekends)


ABC Radio has an online news service

The Voice of America, the US government service has both live streams and on-demand audio.
English language news reports are at (links to audio)


In addition to radio stations there are some other Internet sources for radio material. If you do come across these, please E-mail us.
One of the best we have found (A BIG problem if you have to pay for your phone time is the size of the files) is the site for the New Mercury Theater Archives. This includes not only the famous Orson Welles 'War of the Worlds' broadcast but much more of the company's output. Some is available in Real Audio, some in MP3 format, some in both.

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