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ABC, Australia
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Radio Australia
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ABC, Anerica
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World Service:
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UK -Radio 1:
UK -Radio 2 :
UK Radio 3:
UK--Radio 4:
UK Radio Five Live:

BBC Where I L
ive (for local stations):
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Radio 3 stream:
Radio 4 stream (FM)
Radio 4 stream (AM):
Radio 5 stream:

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Hourly newscast:

US National Public Radio

Voice of America
Audio News reports:

WORLD RADIO NETWORK ((listeners area has on-demand audio reports from various broadcasters from round the world)

ZDTV Radio
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Music Streams
King (US)
RTE Lyric FM (Ireland):
WQXR (links to stream):

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RadioNewsWeb is the brainchild of John Sutton and Keith Hayes

It was created because we felt the web lacked a good site for intelligent discussion of radio and radio issues despite the proliferation of broadcasts on the web and the tremendous opportunities which the web potentially offers for radio. As we worked on it, we realised that there wasn't all that much on the web in terms of radio analysis at all and a woeful lack of references in most general media except when there was gossip, scandal, or a business story.
We don't ignore the value of these and they'll be a significant part of this site but we would welcome feedback not only on them but also on more artistic and technical matters.

In particular we would welcome contact from those of you who can provide audio we can use as examples. (see November 1999 Comment and Radio Stations)

.We took inspiration from many sites and colleagues. In particular we wish to mention -- Arts and Letters Daily (went under 2002) and Scitech Daily plus TV - also now out of business ) run by ex-WTN (Worldwide Television News) colleague, Ken Herron.

Design Notes: We have eschewed the fancy for download speed, expecially for the most recent stories; most pages are 25-50 Kb although full month's archives are up to around 350Kb.

John Sutton,jpgJohn Sutton
has been an editor and journalist in newspapers and television for more than 30 years. He has a deep interest in multi-media and news

John graduated as a chemical engineer but moved into newspapers, reporting for the Yorkshire Evening Post, Birmingham Post and as a freelance for UK national newspapers from The Daily Telegraph to The Daily Sketch(long deceased).

He moved to the BBC where he worked on local radio and as as a regional journalist with dual responsibility for writing for radio and television news bulletins. 'Broadcasting in the Seventies' ended his radio career plans and he moved to the Visnews television news agency.
There he launched the world's first daily TV news satellite service and also oversaw satellite links for Sports Aid , the most complicated satellite linked television programme ever produced at the time.
After Reuters took over Visnews, John was seconded to help train young journalists entering the company as well as seasoned text reporters with no experience of radio or tv. His training systems and course structures are still used as a base for Reuters employees today.
John worked closely with Keith Hayes on the Reuters Financial Report programme as executive editor.
John is currently freelancing.

Looking for flattering Hayes photographKeith Hayes
has broadcast on radio and television in both the United Kingdom and North America.

He started his career in Vancouver with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in radio and television.
Keith then moved via radio station CKVN( (later CFUN) to CJOR where he was news director.
He returned to his native Britain in 1973 as head of news at BRMB in Birmingham as commercial radio opened up in the UK. He briefly joined the BBC at Pebble Mill in Birmingham before going to Northern Ireland with Radio Ulster (BBC). There he produced both current affairs and light entertainment programmes.
From senior newsreader at Ulster Television, he moved on to start Northern Ireland's first independent production company before returning to London as senior producer at European Business Today, satellite television's first daily business programme. At Reuters television (Visnews) he edited a number of business programmes such as Financial Report, a weekly review seen in over 80 countries and was London anchor for PBS's Morning and Nightly Business Reports.
He is presently news editor at on-line television service efdex but retains strong interests in Radio Caburn a small regional radio station in the Sussex town of Lewes.

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